Maintenance and facility management


Maintenance is the most important part of our business from the very beginning. It is worth noting that we were one of the first companies in Poland offering services since 1999 in line with the Total Productive Maintenance philosophy.

At the center of our attention is always the maximum return on investment of our Clients. Over time, we gathered the necessary experience and expanded the scope of activities. As a result, we are now able to offer our Clients comprehensive services in the area of Maintenance and Facility Management supported by our own IdealCMMS and IdealOEEM systems.

It is worth noting that our IT systems have been created as a response to the needs of machine performance optimization, hence on the one hand they are an efficient and effective tool for making decisions, and maintaining and maintaining it is easy and service-friendly. IT systems are equipped with standard tools for data visualization and management decision support, the roots of which are the practical applications of the table of contents, lean manufacturing and TPM. Our services are based on long-term contracts, such as:


  • Maintenance agreement - a management contract in which we assume full responsibility for the comprehensive provision of machinery and equipment maintenance services,

  • Full service - a long-term partnership agreement between Ideal Service and the Client, during which we take over the design, implementation and management functions related to the Client's means of production.




We service machines and devices in the following industries:

  • automotive,
  • metal,
  • machine,
  • Electrical engineering,
  • paper,
  • chemical.



We provide the following services:


  • Periodic inspections,
  • Planned and ongoing repairs,
  • Inspections, modernizations and repairs of machines and production lines
  • Emergency service (immediate removal of a breakdown, delivery of necessary spare parts to the customer)
  • Repair of damaged drives, including such companies as Simodrive, Control Techniques, Microspeed, ABB.
  • Repair of damaged servomotors.



In 2012, we introduced new specialist services to our offer:


  • balancing of rotors and motors in own bearings,

  • vibration analysis,

  • measurements and analysis by IR camera,

  • research and analysis with a fast camera (45,000 frames per second),

  • tests and analysis of electrical waveforms with a scopometer.


We also manage spare parts warehouses for some Customers, and we also provide technical consultancy in the field of maintenance. All this to improve the profitability of our Client.


From the beginning, we have been trying to meet the requirements of our Clients. Happy we are to have gained the trust of subsequent Partners. The maintenance services have been delivered to:


  • the world's largest concern in the production of steel products,

  • the world's largest transformer manufacturer,

  • the second manufacturer of transformers in the world,

  • the third transformer manufacturer in Poland,

  • one of the most serious Finnish corporations dealing in the service of cutting paper,

  • the largest manufacturer of electric motors in Poland,

  • the largest manufacturer of truck semi-trailers in Poland,

  • one of the world leaders in the logistics service of the clothing e-commerce market.



ul. Traktorowa 111, 91-203 Łódź

tel. +48 607 048 599